The Workshop @ buster + Punch

The Buster + Punch workshop & design lab, is situated in a sqft Railway Arch in Battersea, London. The space is split into two, with the workshop to the rear and design lab to the front. The workshop houses our skilled craftsmen who make all.

Buster + Punch Heavy Metal pendant and ceiling lamp with Hero LED bulb. Heavy Metal pendel og loftlampe med Hero LED pære.

Buster & Punch are launching their highly anticipated LED BUSTER BULB on March This is the world’s first designer LED bulb and the first ‘useful bulb’ producing both ambient & spot light!

Pendant and LED bulb. Pendel med LED

A single light pendant made from solid metal and finished with a matt black rubber cord.

Double bracelet for men and women. Armbånd i læder.

Double bracelet for men and women. Armbånd i læder.

LED bulb from Buster + Punch. Pendant, pendel , loftlampe.

the buster + punch 'buster bulb' enhances LED technology to provide a more energy-efficient lighting alternative than incandescent and filament lights