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Don't question Malekith, Thor. (Sekra: "he’s a strong independent villain who don’t need no deeper reasoning")

he’s a strong independent villain who don’t need no deeper reasoning (they could have at least given the belief that everything NOT primeval darkness is BAD. Chris Eccleston still carries his weight, though, and I was very satisfied by his performance.

Um yes and no. BruceNat kissed once and Laura/Clint did only a couple times. It wasn't like a ton of people were making out or anything.<<<it's a 4 year old, he thinks superhero movies are all about the action.

Nick Fury waking up the Avengers I LOVE THIS

Avengers - Nick Fury wake up calls. I love Thor and Ironman's. <--- ya but are we gonna ignore the fact that Nick Fury is wearing bunny slippers?

Domestic Avengers - Den mother Steve by on @deviantART

I love how Steve just casually hands Thor his hammer<<<eheheh, yis! And Loki, stay out of Steve's dresser

Darcy and Jane (Thor Darcy has a Loki bear and a Captain America poster that says "American Booty"!it has a TARDIS POSTER!