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Indian daal with sweet potatos

Indian daal with sweet potatos served with homemade gluten-free naan bread. This warm and spicy pot totally does it for me. I love indian food.

Quinoa salad

Fresh Quinoa salad with sweet pineapple and rich avocado. Enjoy it for lunch or serve it as a side to your dinner table.

Crispy fried springrolls

Crispy fried springrolls filled with protein rich tofu. Flavored with curry and served with sweet chili and soy sauce.

Raw cacao truffles

Raw cacao truffles with healthy fibers in it! The perfect snack to serve for your guests.

Pink Protein Smoothie

Pink Protein Smoothie filled with protein for a fresh start on your morning. Sweet, tasty and icecold! Smoothies are so easy to make.