Preserving Produce

Tips on preserving produce from your gardens and canning your healthy harvest that keep your vegetables, herbs and fruits fresh through winter. There’s no need to waste your precious produce!
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There are lots of ways to preserve and store your summer produce. Click in for a list of The Country Chic Cottage’s recommended recipes for how to keep your produce fresh for months to come.

Ultimate Guide to Canning and Freezing Summer Produce

The ultimate guide to canning, freezing and preserving summer produce. Preserve that summer bounty with these great ideas.

Freezing fresh herbs in olive oil? Olive oil never sounded better. The best part? It only takes 15 minutes! Diethood has a step-by-step process that’s simple to master. Click in to learn how.

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil - Freezing fresh herbs in olive oil is the perfect way to preserve herbs! It can go from the freezer straight to the frying pan. Pair herbs with your favorite flavor-infused olive oils from The Pantry on Tap!

It’s salsa time! Learn from Attainable Sustainable how to preserve not only your garden-fresh tomatoes, but peppers and onions from your garden, too! Her recipe yields 7–9 pints, which is enough to use for chips and salsa, chili and other Mexican dishes!

The Very Best Salsa Recipe for Canning -- Stock Your Pantry

Stock your pantry with salsa made from your homegrown tomatoes, peppers, and onions. This recipe is similar to a Pace Picante Sauce (Use canning method with fave salsa recipe)

Want to preserve your herbs for later use in the winter months? Gardening shares how to freeze, dry and marinate herbs, as well as which herbs are best suited for each method.

Freezing Herbs And Other Methods Of Preserving Herbs

Growing Rosemary in your herb garden or containers is a real pleasure. Learn how to grow Rosemary plants,harvest lots of this delicious herb and enjoy the added benefit of the pretty blue flowers.

Preserve your produce for the long winter ahead with the help of 104 Homestead. Their guide features it all, from potatoes and beets to cabbage and turnips.

How to Store Fresh Produce for Winter

Frozen and canned produce is good, but sometimes fresh produce off-season is better. Discover how to use Fresh Storage to enjoy fresh produce year round.

Freeze now, enjoy later. Click in to learn the best way to freeze fresh chives, courtesy of Om Nom Ally.

How to Freeze Fresh Chives

Have you ever wondered how to freeze fresh chives in order to preserve a glut? Chives freezes incredibly well and can be used in recipes without thawing.

Did you know you can preserve basil — as well as other fresh herbs — in salt? Click in for more details as Melissa Norris shares various methods for preserving herbs in salt for long-term use.

How to Preserve Fresh Basil in Salt

Want the fresh taste of basil for months on end? Use 3 ways to preserve basil in salt in minutes.

Learn how to can and preserve your produce and you can enjoy your garden year-round! This salsa canning recipe from is a great way to save some of the produce you’ve grown throughout the summer. Click-in to read more.

Kristan's Salsa (for Canning)

Another Friday, another salsa recipe, but this one happens to be our favorite! A few summers ago, my friend Kristan and I both spent a weekend at our houses canning salsa. Mine was so-so–watery and thin, and decidedly lacking inRead

Dehydrate and store tomatoes from your garden or the market to enjoy year-round. Click in for directions on how to use a dehydrator to preserve tomatoes and how to reconstitute them before cooking. Try on a pizza as a topping or blend up for sauce!

Dehydrating Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great crop to grow for long-term storage.

Freeze It! Quick Tips for Freezing Garden Produce

Freeze produce from your garden to preserve fresh flavors. You can enjoy vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for months to come. Click in to learn how to harvest, blanch and store your garden harvest for this coming winter.

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