Landscaping Ideas

Landscape ideas abound! Find landscaping ideas for your entire yard including front yard landscaping and backyard ideas. Make your yard look its absolute best with our collection of tips and tricks.
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Did you know that if you divide certain plants, they’ll grow in other places in your yard? Hostas and daylilies are two plants that will continue to thrive after they’re divided as long as you care for them properly. Click-in to read more about this landscaping technique, courtesy of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

Divide Hosta and Day Lillies - This is one of the easiest gardening tips ever! Save so much money and have free plants for life.

It’s never too late to build your own retaining wall flower bed! This DIY project will not only help reduce soil erosion around your house, but will add a splash of color as well. With this easy how-to guide from eHow, you’ll have a beautiful flower bed in no time.

How to Build A Retaining Wall Flower Bed

Winter doesn’t have to be colorless! Courtesy of HGTV, discover these colorful groundcovers that can withstand the cold temperatures. Click in for the complete list.

Groundcovers That Stay Green

~ EVERGREEN GROUND COVER Not all groundcovers are green in winter; some have burgundy, yellow or variegated colors. But these low-growing plants won't quit when the mercury drops.

Briar patches are thickets formed by thorny plants that can prove troublesome to one’s landscape. Read on for more on how to carefully remove briar and vines from your lawn, courtesy of San Francisco Gate’s Home Guides.

Landscaping: How to Remove Briars & Vines

Briar patches are thickets comprised of the overgrowth of plants, such as blackberry or raspberry bushes, that are both unsightly and potentially harmful due to their thorny vines. Common vines that .

Enjoy a beautiful backyard stone walkway with this DIY guide from In My Own Style. With a little landscape prep and some simple pavers, you’ll have a top-notch backyard ready for visitors!

How to create a paver stone walkway the easy way. All you need is a Fiskars machete and paving stones bought at the home improvement store.

Without regularly watering, feeding and pruning, your hedges can become unruly. Click in for five common mistakes when it comes to hedges and how to avoid them, courtesy of This Old House.

How to Maintain Hedges

How to Maintain Hedges 5 common mistakes to avoid when maintaining shrub borders

Busy in your front yard or backyard tending to your perennials? We think you’ll love these design ideas and edging tips from @MimiBakerMN. Click in for simple diy gardening tips for when you’re on a budget.

Mum's The Best Giveaway Hop With Gilmour & Fiskars

Get your garden tools ready to go and easy to access with this really quick DIY. You just need a pallet, hooks, plastic straps, and hose holder. Having the right tools helps too!

Does your home have a large tract of land that you have left unused? Transform it into a beautiful lawn with tips from eHow.

How to Clear Land for a Lawn

Growing grass in a wooded lot is possible, but has its challenges. Grass likes sunshine, and there is little of that in wooded lots, where the tree canopy can capture all the.

Looking to add curb appeal to your yard?  Click here for our full tutorial which breaks down everything from what area to choose in your front yard or backyard to the ideal tool for edging a new planting bed. This diy is perfect for beginners and if you’re on a budget.

Beginner Gardening Tips - How and What to Plant in a Garden

These simple gardening tips for beginners will help you learn how and what to for curb appeal!

Take advantage of spring to add curb appeal to your home! Click in for simple ideas that beautify the design of your yard and help you stay on budget.  Your trees, bushes, and shrubs will be taken care of in no time.

Take advantage of spring to add curb appeal to your home! Click in for simple ideas that beautify the design of your yard and help you stay on budget. Your trees, bushes, and shrubs will be taken care of in no time.

Fall clean up can be a breeze with the right tools! Whether you’re looking to trim edges around flower beds, weed among perennial flowers or prune trees and shrubs, we have the tips you need in preparation for the winter months.

Fall Yard Cleanup Guide using Clearing Tools I

We love this creative, rustic DIY recycled pallet light box. It’s the perfect addition for your backyard, keeping your yard lit for any party you may host. The cool design fits any landscape, too.

Repurpose a pallet to make a unique light box and add ambiance to your backyard oasis.

Fall is approaching, which means it’s time to start planning ahead for your garden. We’ve put together a how-to guide for planting fall bulbs. So take a look, grab your tools and get to digging!

Guide: Planting Fall Bulbs

Guarantee flowering bulbs in the Spring with these Fall planning tips.