Garden Clean Up

Garden cleanup checklists, tips and to-dos are now at your fingertips. Get your garden and yard looking tidy with these outdoor care tips, tool care guides and landscape maintenance suggestions.
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Learn how and when to prune trees for optimum growth with this guide by The Garden Glove. Hint: You may need to wait longer than you think!

How (and When) to Prune Trees

*Reminder: Prune/trim trees Feb/Mar When to Prune Trees- wait until the coldest part of winter has passed, but before vigorous growth starts in early spring.February to March.

Clean up your backyard or garden by foraging for needles. Courtesy of Grow Forage Cook Ferment, learn how to make tea, syrup, vinegar, crafts and more from various types of conifer needles.

Foraging for Pine Needles (and other conifer needles)

Easy to forage for in the winter and makes a tasty medicinal tea! Pine needles is good for killing pathogens in the body.

Hostas are a great perennial to have in your garden. They’re easy to care for, do well in shady areas and look beautiful. For maximum effect, keep them well-maintained by pruning them regularly. Click in to learn more, courtesy of eHow.

How to Prune Hostas

Hostas are a garden favorite for shady areas; they make a lush display of greenery. But any part of the hosta plant -- leaves, flowers and roots -- can cause misery or worse to a dog if he eats or even chews on it.

Feel the chill setting in? Prep your yard for winter with these 7 tips from Hoosier Homemade. Click in for more information.

GHave the BEST looking yard on the block! These 7 simple tips will help you get your yard ready for Winter! Pin to your Gardening Board!

Tired of weeds overstaying their welcome? Weeds are a gardener’s biggest nuisance, and sometimes they can seem impossible to get rid of. Clean up your garden with these seven helpful weeding tips from Empress of Dirt.

7 Weeding Tips Every Gardener Should Know

These 7 weeding tips that every gardener should know provide the basics so you can stay ahead of the weeds and keep your garden in good shape. Learn about the importance of timing, rain, and the right tools.

Prepare your roses for winter with this guide from Sensible Gardening. With a little care, your roses will be in great shape to return once the snow melts. Click in for the complete guide.

Preparing your Roses for winter with Sensible Gardening. Tips for greater winter survival rates in Zones 5 and under. Not applicable to all areas.

Reel Mower 101: @garden_therapy  has all of the tips for your lawn, whether it’s knowing the ideal height for your grass or sharpening tools. Let the fun exercise begin.

Lawn Care Unplugged: How to Use a Reel Mower

Before you clear away and clean up your garden for winter, try creating an ornamental bouquet with this guide from Garden Therapy. You can also use the dried plants for other crafts, like framed leaves or homemade cards.

Preserving the Ornamental Garden: How to Dry Flowers, Leaves, Stems, and Pods for Crafting

Preserving the Ornamental Garden: How to Dry Flowers, Leaves, Stems, and Pods for Crafting ~ Preserving the Ornamental Garden means capturing what is left behind when the plants start to fade