Fabulous Fall Foliage

Give your eyes a treat with a collection of fabulous fall colors and foliage. From garden tips to decorating your front porch, these ideas will make you want the fall season to last the entire year.
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Let your garden pop with vivid colors by planting burning bush, oakleaf hydrangeas, ornamental grasses and other fall-colored plants. The Garden Glove shares the best fall plants for your garden and yard.

Best Plants for Fall Color

Best Plants for Fall Color! This guide makes it easy to learn what to plant to have gorgeous fall colors!

Combine festive pumpkins and gourds with fall flowers like mums and celosia for a festive fall foliage look to your home. Better Homes and Gardens shares their top picks for cheerful yellow-and-orange plant combinations.

Cheerful Yellow-and-Orange Plant Combinations

Lovely fall outdoor space with elevated planting beds, pots bursting with yellow and orange blooms, and plenty of pumpkins for a seasonal celebration.

Can’t get enough of autumn’s rich color palette? Fill your garden with late-season color with these top fall flowers showcased by Better Homes and Gardens.

Top Fall Flowers for Your Garden

Top Fall-Blooming Flowers: Helenium - One of a group of great native plants in the daisy family, helenium offers cheery yellow, orange, or red blooms at the end of the season. We love how tough and easy-to-grow this plant is. Name: Helenium autumnale

Pick the most firm and cleanest pumpkin you can find to ensure it will last. Then keep your pumpkin planter looking festively gorgeous by following these other pumpkin planting tips from Garden Therapy.

How to Make Planted Pumpkins Last!

Love pumpkin planters but hate mold? How to keep carved pumpkins and pumpkin planters looking beautiful for a month or more.

Take a look at The Home Depot’s picks of perennial ornamental grasses to plant this fall. You’ll find plants like little bunny fountain grass and fun hameln fountain grass on this list.

Perennial Ornamental Grasses to Plant This Fall

Sow & Dipity shares 22 autumn garden projects. From planting bulbs to crafting fall wreaths, you’re sure to be inspired.

22 Fall Garden Inspirations -

Looking for some seasonal home décor? Craft a pretty fall wreath with hydrangeas using this DIY project tutorial by Our Fairfield Home & Garden.

Craft a pretty fall wreath with hydrangeas using this DIY project tutorial by Our Fairfield Home & Garden.

Consider planting the Beautyberry plant. With round clusters of amethyst berries that remain on bare stems after the leaves turn color and drop, this plant will provide that burst of color most gardens lose with the change into winter. Check out Sunset’s 7 other plants with cool-season berries.

8 Plants with Cool-Season Berries

Round clusters of amethyst to purple berries remain on bare stems after willowlike leaves turn color and drop. This deciduous shrub grows 6 feet tall (sometimes more) and almost as wide. Full sun or light sh

Get inspired for fall foliage with these fourteen autumn planters shared by Sow & Dipity. Add some birch branches and colorful moss to your planter to give it that fall look.

14 Gorgeous Fall Planters -