Creative Containers

Think outside the raised bed with these creative small-space garden solutions. Learn the tips and tricks to creating and maintaining your very own container garden while adding life to your home décor.
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Click in to learn how to build a DIY planter out of wood pallets. Decorate your front porch with it and add house numbers for a personalized touch. Fill with with your favorite flowers or even fresh herbs and veggies!

DIY House Numbers - House Number Planter

Make a longer one for the front porch. Repurposing a pallet can be a great way to DIY your own raised bed, vertical garden or planter! Learn how to build your own pallet planter with our step-by-step project.

You can bring fresh herbs to your dinner table without taking up a large space in your garden. Build this DIY stand from Her Tool Belt to create a hanging gutter garden for your herbs.

Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

Super easy fresh herb garden that I can move around. Free plans to build a hanging gutter planter and stand. by Cathleen Taylor

Want to dress up a bare window or adorn your yard? Check out Her Tool Belt’s guide for building a DIY pallet planter box. Imagine how awesome cascading flowers will look on your landscape!

Pallet Planter Box For Cascading Flowers

Want to fit more plants in your life? Free up space in your garden and construct this portable salad garden from Canadian Gardening. It’s easy to build, transportable and customizable to the size and height that works for you..

portable salad Tall Raised Bed Salad Table Garden Gardening With Back Pain, round up of garden tables

Prevent unnecessary waste and recycle used K Cups by turning them into succulent pots, great for your home or to give as a gift. Click in for the complete guide, courtesy of Carolyn’s Homework.

UPCYCLING: K Cup Succulent Pots

homework: creative inspiration for home and life: UPCYCLING: K Cup Succulent Pots

Turn a wood pallet into a planter with this DIY project from Sow & Dipity. Click in for a tutorial on how to build a planter that’s perfect for small spaces, patios or apartment balconies. Fill with hardy spring flowers!

Pallet Trough Planter -

DIY Pallet Trough Planter, this is the EASIEST pallet planter you could make and it's perfect for a small space patio.

Save space for other plants by growing your herbs in a shoe organizer herb garden. First decide on the location for your new vertical herb garden and then click in to learn the next steps for upcycling a shoe organizer into a space for your plants. Birds & Blooms also shares a quick tutorial for making plant tags. Check them out!

Shoe Organizer Herb Garden Running out of garden room? This space saving gardening project will have you growing a vertical shoe organizer herb garden in no time!

Create your own terrarium using a repurposed light fixture with inspiration from HGTVGardens. Click in and follow the steps to select the right plants with different heights, colors and textures, which soil to use and more.

Make a terrarium from a repurposed light fixture with this idea from ‘HGTV Gardens’. Oh, and they have full instructions on caring for a terrarium

Grow a Perennial Herb Container Garden with this guide from Garden Therapy. Learn how to choose the right soil, plants and growing conditions for a flourishing herb garden of mint, lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, chives and more.

Grow Your Own Perennial Herb Container Garden

Larger is better when it comes to pot size for your container herb garden, according to Garden Therapy. It gives your herbs space to grow. Click through to read other tips on growing perennial herb container gardens.

Find new ways to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables in your garden with unique containers. Colorful pails, baskets and bowls create the perfect container garden. Click in for tips drainage and types or plants to grow.

Unique Container Gardening Ideas

Find new ways to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables in your garden with unique containers. Colorful pails, baskets and bowls create the perfect container garden. Click in for tips drainage and types or plants to grow.

Move your hanging garden indoors for fresh herbs at your fingertips. Hang vertically or horizontally to fit your space. Give flavorful herbs like mint, chives, parsley and dill a try.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Create your own DIY indoor hanging planter to maximize garden space and grow your favorite herbs and plants. This decorative hanger can be made using breathable fabric or eco-friendly, recycled plastic water bottles.

Always wanted to learn how to plant a vertical garden? Click in for easy-to-follow steps! Grow plants, herbs and vegetables in pots that hang from an expandable rack. These gardens are great for small spaces and even create privacy.

DIY freestanding vertical herb garden privacy screen

Create your backyard oasis with a lush living privacy fence. Learn what plants to use, tips on making it, and how to maintain an attractive living fence!

Add flair to your indoor garden with our DIY fabric planters. Not only are they a fun way to dress up your plants, they can be customized to fit any planter or pot. Click in for the full guide.

DIY Fabric Planters

Fabric planter covers are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home! Learn how to decorate your clay and terra cotta flower pots with fabric for a fun new look.