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Yuri On Ice, Twists, Chill, Bae, Kawaii, Chunky Twists, Kawaii Cute, Two Strand Twists, Braid Hair

Me: *catches myself being judgmental* Me to me: I did not raise you this way

Same. And I almost always don't actually think what I just thought. Like I see something and I'm like I love it then some mean voice says a mean thing in my head and then I'm like no shut up you twat i love it

メディアツイート: 真火(@ma_ho_39)さん | Twitter

メディアツイート: 真火(@ma_ho_39)さん | Twitter

TRUE. I //love// No. 6

) but Kyou Kara Maou!,DRAMAtical Murder(only the anime serie not the ova) UraBoku and Togainu no Chi