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exposure triangle
Exposure triangle.
Forgive me if there's cuss words in this but I don't have time to read it through right now so I'm just pinning.
MOMFILES.com: 16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead
I LOVE THIS!! Great tips for the writers who struggle with dialogue or just want a refresher
Vegan Baked Apple Cinnamon Fritters! A healthier dessert that's only 100 calories each! #itdoesnttastelikechicken
Spinach Salad with Quinoa, Crispy Chickpeas, Tomato, and Avocado Basil Dressing. A hearty, filling salad that can be a meal in itself! Easy healthy vegan recipe.
Smoly sweet potato and black bean burger - gluten free, vegan and tasty
Just for Fun!
It was silly until it wasn't The Marauders / Voldemort