something unpinable ..something about a mindset ...keep your head up, keep your heart strong, keep your mind set in your way..
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

She sells sea shells - a lovely blue color palette from Yarn Love. This palette became my Dragonfly colorway - find it at Yarn Love.

This as a bouquet with some red in there. Absolutely perfect ♥ I especially love the cedar and the little brown things, though I don't know what they are...and we have cedar at my house! Portfolio - Confetti Floral Design

This is the perfect 'do for a bride on her wedding day. She pulled her hair into a low dressy bun and adds flowers for a gorgeous look!


children of winter never grow old - love it! my wish for Indiya - to be a child of winter :-)


A little place for me to save all the sweet + lovely photos and quotes and other inspiration I find and never want to forget. :::::::::: If a sweet + lovely thought or picture is not credited, it is.

Beauty. Atlas.

He always kept a few hunting dogs for his adventures into the woods. Hunting dogs are my favorite breed of dog. I love their grace, beauty, & devotion to their people :)

via a well traveled woman

This can be a rule of thirds because it shows the kid swinging. Not only swinging but how the kid swings into the lake off a rope. Also, they are not really on a beach so maybe its a fun family spot or a place where teenagers found that was fun.

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